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We are closed! :(

It was a great experience for me as a developer to make such service!

This site was a simple web page which I made for myself to download music from vk.com and I couldn't even imagine that it will become so popular as it is today.
I don't even know how you found it.

There were so many people using this website for the last couple of weeks that I even had to get a new, more performance server.

But now it came out of control.
And today I have received a warning that if I won't stop I'll get problems with law.

Downloading music is illegal.
I'm sorry if I have caused damage to any of you with my website.

So the website is closed since 14 april 2020.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on VK!

Please, join my telegram channel if you want to know about any of my new developments

Good bye and thank you!